Myths on Online Slot Machines

In the world of gambling you will come across several myths and online slot machines don’t make any exception. Gamblers fail to understand that this game should be understood as a type of program that works according to the RNG – Random Number Generator – theory, so there is no room for any superstitions or myths. This article will present you some of these myths and the real facts that contradict them:

Myth no.1. After you leave a slot machine and someone else comes and hit the jackpot, you would have won that jackpot if you didn’t leave the spot.

Fact: The program according to which online slot machine works keeps calculating the numbers regardless if there is someone playing or not. It is a perpetuum mobile device that will display the symbols only when you press the button, but otherwise in the background it is always working.

Therefore whenever you press the button, the RNG will pick the combination at precisely that moment. As you can see, it doesn’t matter whether you hit play or not: the RNG is still there and will always be on the stand by to generate the symbols within a fraction of a second. One can never predict what the RNG will work regardless if you have just left the machine or keep on playing.

Myth no.2. One can predict the chances of winning by counting the wheel symbols.

Fact: The things will go down again to the Random Number Generator that will generate the number for each of the spins. Each symbol has its given number so you can imagine how many numbers are there when it comes to each stopping of the reel.

One should perform combinations of a multitude of numbers in order to predict the symbol that will appear generated by its specific number. For instance you have 15 reels and calculate the combinations such as 15 x 15 x 15, but what you can not really see are the stops that can be around 100 (or even more) of them per each reel!

Myth no.3. Online casinos can modify the percentages for payouts when you play online slot machines.

Fact: It is important to understand that these payouts are determined by the chip that comes with computer and this one can not be changed. Once these chips are inserted they are preset on a specific percentage and they remain as such. Aside from this, online casino websites are strictly regulated by bodies that are entitled to prevent them from operating once these chips are changed.

Not to mention, that online casino sites have their own house advantage that comes with profits for them, so there is no reason for them to do these types of cheats. They will not lose their license, but before this, they will lose their credibility in front of their online slot machine gamblers and other gamblers as well.

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