Domino Blackjack

Get as close as 21 on each of the five hands or add 5 domino tiles on hand – click on the tiles with arrow. Some tiles have multiple values…

Durak Forever

Old Russian cards game Durak (Fool) – make her dance!

Durak of Ages

Old Russian cards game “Durak”(Fool) – full version.

High Stakes Black Jack

Using your skills at Black Jack, try to earn as much money as you can!


Place cards on the table and try to get 21.

Black Jack 21 Masters 2013

Play Black Jack against a CPU and climb the ranks of the online leaderboard!

Black Jack 21 Masters 2012

Use your skill and luck to win against the dealer and climb higher and higher in the hall of fame. Can you take the top-most spot?

OSG – Black Jack

The goal of Blackjack is to get a score of 21, you score may be less than 21 be nevermore. The score is calculated by the cards you pick, each…


Are you clever enough to beat the dealer? Pick double, hit or stand carefully and collect cash to win!

21 black jack

Classic Black Jack 21 game.